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Highly organic with a rich supply of nutrients and contains mycorrhizae. Used as a soil additive/amendment for flower beds, rose gardens, new lawns, vegetable gardens, bedding plants, potting soils and used in new planting of trees and shrubs. Excellent moisture holding capacities and is mixed with existing soils to balance PH.


A pre-mixed blend of screened sand and Peat Moss/Black Peat that is great for top dressing of a lawn. Amends heavy clay soils and provides organic matter and coarse material to break up the clay. Aeration of existing lawn prior to application is recommended.

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Our top soil is owes its very high quality to a naturally occurring blend of, peat Moss  volcanic ash, and sand - all from our bog. Screened down to 5/8” minus. Does not contain sewage bio-solids or wood waste. Contains 60% Peat Moss. Ready to use for all planting requirements such as new lawns, seeded or sod, new gardens, flower beds, trees or shrubs. Abundant organic matter which holds moisture and nutrients.



A premium mix of our screened organic top soil, peat moss, mushroom compost, composted mulch, perlite and pumice formulated to provide an excellent growing medium for a raised bed garden. When working with raised beds you require a soil that has excellent drainage providing the optimum environment for your plants roots.  This soil also provides aeration and porosity to reduce soil compaction from watering and contains ORGANIC ADVANTAGE OMRI LISTED organic 8-5-4 controlled release fertilizer with micro nutrients. It is also ideal for all container planting.



A healthy blend of peat moss, top soil, mushroom compost and composted bark mulch that allows even drainage and slow release nutrients.   With over 22% organic matter you will see your soil thrive with microbial activity. Its neutral pH creates a strong foundation for growing a large variety of plants. This soil is a perfect blend of natural ingredients offering a nutrient rich soil that is easy to work and will accommodate your planting needs.



This soil has been created to give your young plants a great start.  Consisting of peat moss, bark, perlite and coir this light soil will provide a perfect rooting environment allowing your new plugs and transplants to establish quickly, becoming stronger and healthier sooner.  Providing great aeration, drainage and porosity our Planter box is perfect for all your hanging baskets and planting containers.  This medium is widely used by the commercial grower and has been tried and tested for years.


A special blend of our peat moss and mushroom compost making it perfect for a wide variety of plantings.   Over 30% organic matter to help rejuvenate your soil giving your plants a new lease of life.  Naturally high in nutrients that will slowly release as and when your plants require them making it ideal for new planting projects.  With a pH of 6.7, Mushroom mix will help stabilize your soil.


Bart Fieten – commercial fruit grower in the Okanagan

“This soil mix got this orchard off to a phenomenal start.  The first year growth is essential for a new orchard and this soil mix gave us the perfect start.  We have never had trees grow like this before, we’re not sure if it was the soil but the growth was amazing.”


A Class A organic compost produced from source organics and wood chips.  This compost meets the requirements for Organic Production System Permitted Substances List and the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation.  This compost does not contain any bio-solids and can be spread directly on your lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Orchardist and vineyards are seeing the benefits when top dressing with this compost.



Extremely high in organic matter that can truly enhance your soil, superb for vegetable gardens.  This mushroom compost greatly increases microbial activity, reduces the need for watering and contains excessive amounts of nutrients reducing the need for artificial fertilisers.    Mushroom compost can amend clay soils by reducing soil capping, increasing the soils natural porosity, increasing nutrient retention thereby reducing plant stress.  


A premixed blend of screened sand and composted fertilizer.  This product helps to revitalize and improve your soils structure, increases water retention and reduces nutrient loss.  It also reduces the demand for petroleum-based fertilizers as it carries a nutrient rich organic matter.  


No one orchard, vineyard, lawn or vegetable patch is the same which is why we are able to create a blend of our many products to suit your requirements.  Just let us know what characteristics you are looking for in your soils and we will be more than happy to accommodate.

One cubic yard covers approximately 80 square feet at 4” depth

                             SOIL SAMPLING AND TESTING

Getting to know your soil is a critical factor.  We are happy to take/receive soil samples and get them analyzed for you.  The results of these tests will build us a picture of what is then required to achieve your optimum growing environment.