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Using SUPERIOR PEAT as a soil amendment:


For flower beds, vegetable gardens, bedding plants:

Mix 25% to 50% Superior Peat soil or Peat Moss with existing soil depending on your existing soil conditions and the required PH level of your plantings.

For new lawns:

Spread 2 to 3” of Peat Soil or Peat Moss over existing soil, rototill or dig in to a depth of 6 inches, mixing well. Fertilize and spread grass seed as per suppliers instructions. Cover grass seeds with 1/4 to 1/2” of Peat Soil and water as directed.

If using sod, prepare soil as above, lay sod following suppliers instructions and fill cracks with Peat Soil/Peat Moss and water as directed.


For trees and shrubs:

Dig hole 2 times the size and 6” deeper than the root ball, ensuring the bottom of the hole is loose. Mix one part Peat Soil or Peat Moss with soil from hole. Backfill around root ball, water, and allow to settle. Add remaining soil mix and mound outside perimeter of hole to hold water.


For orchards and vineyards:

Depending on soil conditions, location, method and type of planting, most Orchardists use the equivalent of two scoop shovelfuls of Superior Peat™ per tree. Vineyards use the equivalent of five litres (one large ice cream pail) per vine.

When planting using auger method to drill holes, most orchardists place the Superior Peat™ below and around rootstock, and then cover with native soil. Some mix the Superior Peat™ with the native soil from the hole then cover the rootstock with this mixed soil.

When planting using trench method and tree planters, the soil from the planting trench is removed and Superior Peat™ is used either directly into the trench to cover root stock or again mixed with the native soil prior to covering the root stock and filling in the trench.

On very large new vineyard plantings, Superior Peat ™ has been spread on top of tilled native soil then roto-vated into the native soil to a depth of 6 to 10 inches.

Based on the above, experience has shown that one cubic yard of Superior Peat™ is sufficient for 50 to 80 trees or approximately 100 to 120 vines.